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Segura Viudas Rose Cava

Split $8 | Bottle $25

Located outside Barcelona, Spain, Heredad Segura Viudas is an iconic boutique winery, quietly basking in the sunny vineyards of the ancient wine region of Penedès. The origins of the Heredad have been traced back to the 11th century- the time of the Iberian Crusades -La Reconquista.

Brut Rosé from Segura Viudas is a perfect example of what a Cava Rosado should be like, with its intense fruitiness, on both nose and palate, its lively colour, and its finesse. In the search for perfect balance between fruit and ageing, the blend for this rosado is made up of three black grape varieties: Trepat, Pinot Noir and Garnacha, each contributing their particular characteristics. 

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